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Tauron tests drones for the inspections

23 November 2018

Tauron tests drones in the inspection of power grids and the infrastructure surrounding them. This is another step for the electricity supplier on the road to increasing the level of security and obtaining a full guarantee of continuity of electricity supply.

The next stage will probably be the cost and time optimization of the work of drones, mainly by means of their full automation. At Valo Industries, we have developed a contactless docking station that allows you to top up the drones during the mission, without the need for human intervention in the process.

Thanks to this, things that are unimaginable yet are possible:

– Continued work in 24/7/365 mode, which means an inspection of over 50,000 km per year using only one drone

– Reduction of operating costs (nearly 50% of costs are human services)

-Ability to create a remote control center for the entire fleet and manage the data on the state of power lines online in one place, by one person

Drones are the future. We are happy that the largest companies in Poland also see this.

Let’s build this future together!