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What’s new in the updated charging platform and adapters?

February 2, 2023

The latest updates to the charging platform and drone adapters are now available. This post highlights the key enhancements made following valuable input from customers and partners.

Upgraded Design of the Docking Platform:

1. The new charging platform features a contrasting border, which enhances the precision landing function of drones equipped with visual positioning systems (such as DJI), particularly in remote areas, allowing the pilot to avoid manual landing when the drone can’t land correctly.

2. The contact surfaces have been altered in terms of material and texture, resulting in better contact between the drone adapter and charging plates, and reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI) that may affect the drone compass.

3. The platform is now more compact and portable, capable of being easily folded and transported in the back seat of a small car. It measures 1×0.5×0.1m when folded and weighs about 7kg.

Revamped Drone Adapter:

1. To mitigate the impact of inclement weather on drone operation, the form of the adapter has been redesigned to protect the drone battery from the sun, rain, and snow. The adapter now includes a protective cover.

2. The adapter’s position on the drone has also been optimized to improve flight stability. It is now mounted in the middle of the drone and securely attached.

Other Features:

1. The charging platform has a more universal power supply, allowing users to choose the best power source for their specific drone.

2. All previous features of the charging platform are still available in the new version.

For more information, please feel free to contact us and visit our website for additional details.