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Valo Industries funded by an additional investor

June 17, 2020

Prometeia Innovation Fund has invested 1 million złotych, around $260 thousand, in Valo Industries to be used in scientific research and the development of new automatic drone chargers.


Prometeia Innovation Fund recognized the immense potential in contactless charging for UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, created by VALO. These types of solutions are currently being used in gas pipeline network monitoring, factories, and precision farming. During the global pandemic, the UAVs were being used for temperature checkups on large groups of people, and aerial disinfection.


We were keeping an eye on VALO for quite some time now. Besides the modern technological solutions, the reason why we chose to invest in this company was its international character and international expansion-oriented approach – said Paweł Skałecki, CEO of Prometeia Innovation Fund – The company was present at the UAV EXPO in Amsterdam and Start Alliance that took place in Dubai. Additionally, they won a tender against a very strong competitor this year. That is why we were convinced that this is going to be a great investment for us – he added.


The goal of this investment is to advance research and technical development, including the newest version of wireless charging stations for UAVs. This equipment will be resistant to the influence of atmospheric conditions and, thanks to its compact size, can be used to monitor hard-to-reach spots like rooftops and chimneys. Additional precision drone landing software may be equipped in the charging module, which enables the system to be automatic.


The Valo Charging System allows its users to operate the drones without the need for additional technologically advanced systems. Due to its lightweight, small size and weather resistance construction it can be mounted in hard-to-reach places – says Karen Oganisian – CEO of Valo Industries.


Prometeia Innovation Fund is one of Valo Industries’ many investors. The company also implements projects for Polskie Mosty Technologiczne (Polish Tech Bridges), who are aiming to internationalize their business for the Japanese and American markets.